A Rainy Day paragraph within 200 words

A rainy day paragraph

A Rainy Day paragraph within 200 words
My School paragraphA rainy day is a day when it rains heavily. It has a great impact on our life. We usuz experience this day in the Bengali months of Ashar and Sraban. A rainy day is very da and gloomy. The sky remains overcast and the sun is often invisible. Sometimes, it rais heavily and sometimes it drizzles. Often thunder is heard in the sky. 

On a rainy day people usually feel bored as they cannot go out. The roads and streets go under water. Ba the children feel comfortable as they can listen to stories from their grandparents or pla games. They also float paper boats on the water that stands on roads and fields. 

The people who are poor suffer very much on a rainy day because they cannot go out to eam their daily bread. The school-going boys and girls enjoy the day greatly as the school breaks up often after the first period and they can pass the day in gossiping, playing and amusements.

A rainy day paragraph for class 8

Torrential rains every now and then with invigoration coolness and rhythmic sounds, damp streets, fields, and houses, lively leaves and buds of trees and plants these are some of the enchanting characteristics of a rainy day. To save the flora and fauna of nature from the scorching heat of summer, rains come down on earth with a refreshing touch. 
Nature, so long suffocated by heat and vapidity, gets rejuvenated. These, however, are the aesthetic aspects of the feeling one has in such a day. A rainy day, on the other hand, is no less a nuisance, if considered from a social and economic point of view, People, for example, do not feel much excited and secured when, due to incessant rain and consequent inundation of localities. 

They not only cannot go out to work but also have to lose corns, cattle, and opportunities of work. Such a day, consequently, creates a mixed reaction in people's minds. But when, it is beyond doubt, the affermath of the rains is no flood nor waterlogging, and it does not cause any financial tension, then the day becomes a unique time of enjoyment indeed.

A Rainy Day paragraph within 200 words

A rainy day is a day on which it rains continuously all day long. The day is dull and gloomy. The sky remains cloudy all day long. Sometimes it rains heavily; sometimes it drizzles (পুঁড়িগুড়ি বৃষ্টি) and sometimes gusts of wind blow (ঝড়ো হাওয়া বয়ে যাওয়া). The heavy downpour is associated with roars of thunder, flashes of lightning and stormy wind. 

Nobody cari go out without an umbrella. Rivers, tanks and canals swell up (ফুলে উঠা). Roads and paths become muddy and impassable (কর্দমাক্ত ও অনতিক্রম্য), Many people walk along the road with shoes in hand and clothes folded up. A rainy day is bad for poor people. The day labourers cannot go out to work. 
So they don't earn any money and may remain unfed (অভুক্ত). Students enjoy a holiday at home. The rich people who have no urgent work enjoy the day at home. They entertain themselves with rich dishes like bhuna khichuri, polao etc. The rain washes away dirt and dust and makes the soil soft. The farmers can prepare the fields for sowing seeds most glowing position in art and literature, (বীজবপন). Thus, though a rainy day has some negative aspects, it has positive effects, too. It occupies its since the poets and artists are inspired by it.

Read the following paragraph about a rainy day

On a rainy day it rains all day long. A rainy day is dull and gloomy. The sky is overcast with thick clouds. The sky is not seen. None can go out without an umbrella. Water stands on roads and roads become muddy and slippery. Those who have offices and other business go out with umbrellas over the head, shoes in hand and clothes folded upto knee. 

Passers-by also move in the same way. Sometimes people slip and fall on the muddy road. When it rains in torrents, people get drenched (পানিতে ভিজে যায়) and stop midway. The poor suffer much on a rainy day. They can not go out in quest of work and can not earn their daily food. They pass the day through sufferings. 

Most of the students do not go to school. Only a few go to school but they get drenched on the way. So classes are not held and it is a day of great joy to them. Other people also stay at home and pass the day without doing anything. The cattle keep standing in their sheds and bellow (ডাকে) for fodder. A rainy day is not pleasant at all.

A rainy day paragraph for ssc

In the rainy season, sometimes it so happens that it rains all day long. We call it a rainy day. On such a day, the sky remains always cloudy. The weather becomes foul. The sun is hardly seen. The nature looks dull and gloomy. Sometimes, it rains torrentially and sometimes it drizzles. Often there are roars and flashes of thunder in the sky.

The unbelted roads become muddy and slippery. Water stands on them here and there. The cattle are kept in their shades. The birds keep standing on the branches of trees. On such a day, people cannot move easily. People in general do not come out without any compulsion. People cannot go out without umbrellas.

They walk along the roads with shoes in hands and clothes folded up to their knees Most people remain indoors and spend an idle day. They spend their time gossiping, playing cards, singing and listening to music. People working at offices take the trouble of going to their offices in rain. They don't mind if they get wet.

The school students mostly welcome this kind of day. They don't mind to go to school in rain. They know that the school will break up in case of absence of the majority of students. They become happy to enjoy such an undeclared holiday. In a rainy day the poor people suffer much. They cannot go out to earn their daily bread.

The natural beauty of rainy season is very much charming and thrilling. People like to get wet in the very first drops of rain in the rainy season. Sometimes, the sun appears and the rainbow is seen. Though a rainy day gives us both sorrow and pleasure, I like a rainy day very much.

এই পোস্টটি পরিচিতদের সাথে শেয়ার করুন

পূর্বের পোস্ট দেখুন পরবর্তী পোস্ট দেখুন
এই পোস্টে এখনো কেউ মন্তব্য করে নি
মন্তব্য করতে এখানে ক্লিক করুন

নীতিমালা মেনে কমেন্ট করুন। প্রতিটি কমেন্ট রিভিউ করা হয়।

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