Pruning grapevines - Selection of land and soil for grape growing

Read the article for detailed information on vine pruning and land and soil selection for grape growing.
Pruning grapevines - Selection of land and soil for grape growing
This article also discusses how to prepare land for grape cultivation and when to apply fertilizers for grape cultivation. Besides, several other important topics have been discussed in detail, if you want to know them, please read the entire article.

Commercial production of grapes

As the saying goes, grapes are sour. And this word is very effective for us. Because, we have not been able to produce this fruit till now. The whole thing has to be imported. Always out of reach of common man due to high cost naturally. Sometimes when someone is sick or during times of illness, grapes are eaten in ordinary families.
But our soil and climate are suitable for growing grapes, it has been proved recently. Although there are two or four grape trees in different regions of Bangladesh, it is limited to the family. Attempts at institutional grape cultivation were made in 1990 at BADC's Horticultural Development Center at Kashimpur, Gazipur.

Selection of land and soil for grape cultivation

Pruning grapevines - Selection of land and soil for grape growing
Grapes grow best on loamy red soil, gravelly soils rich in organic matter, and alluvial soils of the hills. The land must be elevated where water does not stand and a place with plenty of sunlight should be selected for grape cultivation.

How to prepare land for grape cultivation

The soil should be cleaned by plowing well. Then make a hole of 70/70/70 cm size and mix 40 kg of dung, 400 g of potash, 500 g of phosphate and 100 g of urea fertilizer with the soil of the hole and leave it for 10/15 days so that the fertilizers mix well with the soil. Then the collected seedlings should be planted in the hole with a ball of soil at the base and allowed to grow straight with a stick and should be irrigated with light water. March-April is the best time to plant grape seedlings in the context of Bangladesh.

Fertilizer timing for grape cultivation

Since grapes are creeping plants, additional fertilizer should be applied in time for its growth. If there is no growth within 1 month of planting, loosen the root soil and apply 5 grams of urea fertilizer. 10 kg dung, 400 gm potash, 500 gm phosphate and 100 gm urea fertilizers should be applied annually to each tree of 1-3 years. 
The use of potash fertilizers makes the grapes sweeter and reduces the incidence of diseases. In order for the tree to grow, it is necessary to arrange a loft with a strong stick at the base of the tree - the grape branches will spread in that loft.

Prune vine stems

In February of the year following planting, the stems of grapevines spread over the loft should be pruned. The question of most of the farmers is that the tree flowers but does not bear fruit. What is the reason for this? Stem pruning increases grape yield and reduces flower drop. Light irrigation should be done at the base 7 days before and after pruning. All other than the main stem after planting till the canopy
Pruning grapevines - Selection of land and soil for grape growing
First cut
After 35/45 cm of the stem rising to the loft, the top of the main stem should be cut so that two and four branches grow from both sides of the stem.
Prune vine stems
Pruning grapevines - Selection of land and soil for grape growing
Second layoff
After 15-20 days the four growing branches will be 45/60 cm long then the 4 tops should be cut from which 16 more branches will grow.
Third cut
These 16 branches will be 45/60 cm long after 15/20 days then their tops should be cut again so that 4 new branches will grow two on both sides of each branch and thus a total of 64 branches will grow from 16 branches. However, there is no saying that 64 branches will grow in all cases. Within the gira of this branch, first the flower and then this flower will take the shape of a pea and transform into a grape.
Pruning grapevines - Selection of land and soil for grape growing
After fruiting in the first year, the branches should be kept 15/20 cm long and pruned in February so that new branches will grow and flower on the eve of spring. This procedure will last up to 3/4 years and will attain fruit status. With moderate fertilization and proper care, a grapevine can produce at least 30 years.

In the context of Bangladesh, 436 grape trees can be planted per acre and it is possible to produce a total of 1744 kg of grapes per acre as an average of 4 kg per tree per year depending on the caste.

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