Short Composition Writing About A Road Accident And A Book Fair

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Short Composition Writing About A Road Accident And A Book Fair

A Road Accident / A Street Accident Witnessed by Me

  • (a) When and where did the accident occur?
  • (b) How did the accident occur?
  • (c) What damages were caused by the accident?
  • (d) What is your feeling about the accident?
On Sunday last, I witnessed a tragic road accident. It took place near our school There is a turning point there. It is a traffic point of five roads. Now and then there happens a traffic jam. On that day, while I was going to school, I saw a car coming from the western direction and a rickshaw with a school boy and his mother was coming from the opposite direction around 8:30 am. 
While crossing the point, the car hit the rickshaw. The rickshaw puller jumped from his seat but the boy and his mother fell on the road. The boy and his mother were seriously wounded. I rushed to them. Some other passers-by also came forward to help them. We took them to a nearby doctor's chamber. I felt pity for the school boy. In fact, for having no traffic police at that place, such accidents frequently occur. The authority should take steps to road accidents.

Short Composition: A street Accident

  • (a) What is street accident?
  • (b) Where do the street accidents generally take place?
  • (c) What are the causes of street accidents?
  • (d) What do people generally lose in the accidents?
  • (e) How can this problem be solved?
In a densely populated country like Bangladesh, street accidents are the most common daily occurrences. Narrow, zig- zag and uneven roads are the causes of major accidents. Careless driving is also responsible for many accidents Everyday one can see the news of accidents in daily newspaper. 

Last Sunday, a tragic street accident took place before my eyes was walking along the Rampura Road towards Mouchak Market. It was about 5 p.m. A boy was also going along the same road. He was a few steps ahead of me. Suddenly, he started crossing the road. A bus with full speed was coming from the opposite direction. 

When the bus was a few feet away from him, the boy got puzzled and ran backwards. The driver tried to hold the brake but failed. The bus ran over the boy. Everything was over within the twinkling of an eye. The bus sped away leaving behind a lump of flesh in an ocean of blood. I had nothing to do but watch the tragic end of a young boy before my eyes. I was terribly shocked. I could not forget the scene for many days.

A Book Fair / My Visit to a Book Fair / A Book Fair I Have Visited

  • (a) What is a book fair?
  • (b) What was the occasion of the fair?
  • (c) Where was it held?
  • (d) How was the environment of the fair?
  • (e) What experience did you gather by visiting the fair?
A book fair is a kind of fair where different types of books are displayed for sale. Now-a-days, it has become very popular in our country. Last month, 1 visited a book fair. I went there with my elder brother. The fair was arranged on the occasion of 21 February. It was held at the Bangla Academy premises. 

As it was my first visit to a book fair, 1 was really surprised when I entered the fair. There were hundreds of stalls in the fair. The environment was really charming. The stalls were arranged systematically. There were information counters. There were also some stalls for taking snacks. I saw that all kinds of books such as fiction, drama, poetry, novel, biography, translation, children literature, story books etc. 

were available in the fair. I bought some books on science fiction and comics. After walking for a long time, we became tired So, we entered into a food stall and took some light foods. Suddenly, I noticed a crowd in front of a stall. I went there and became really surprised seeing my favourite writer Dr. Muhammad Zafor Iqbal sir. 

He was giving autographs. I also took an autograph. We also attended a short seminar in the fair. In the seminar some renowned personalities of our country delivered speeches on the importance of books in our life. After that we left the fair, but I took with me a lot of pleasant experiences.

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