Write paragraph about A school library, A college magazine and Traffic jam

Write paragraph about A school library, A college magazine and Traffic jam

1. A school Library/ My School Library/ Our School Library

  • (a) What is a school library?
  • (b) What is the importance of a school library?
  • (c) What kinds of books are there?
  • (d) How are the books issued for the students?
  • (e) How do you feel about your school library?
Now a days a library is a part and parcel of a school. Like many other institutions, we have a big library in our school. It is situated on the upstairs of the school building. It is a spacious room having a good number of almirahs containing books on literature, history, geography, science, religion, etc. At present it has as many as ten thousand books on various subjects. 

We are really proud that our school has a rich library. There is a well-furnished reading room attached to it. Students come here to pass their leisure hours by reading books according to their choice. There is a trained and qualified librarian who is in charge of the library. He helps the students to select good books and keeps the library in a perfect order. 

Every year, the library is enriched with new books on the latest subjects and topics. It is, so to speak, a storehouse of knowledge. Really the true function of a school library is to supply the students useful books that widen their knowledge and help them to grow up intellectually. So every student should go to the library regularly in order to equip himself with knowledge about different things and subjects.

Short Composition: A school Library

A library is a room or house where huge collections of books of various kinds are kept for the readers who come to satisfy their thirst for knowledge. A library satisfies our internal desire for knowledge of the unknown and unseen. A library plays an important role in the realm of knowledge. Nowadays, it is a part and parcel of every educational institution. 

No school is complete without a library. A school without a library is like a garden without flowers Like many educational institutions, we have a big library in our school. It is situated on the upstairs of the school building. It is a spacious room having a number of almirahs, containing story books, biographies, magazines, history, literature, periodicals, journals etc. 

At present it has as many as five thousand books on various subjects. The library follows dewy decimal system and we can easily locate any book which we want. There is a well furnished reading room attached to it. Really, we are fortunate that our school owns a rich library. Students come here to pass their leisure by reading books, journals, periodicals etc. 

According to their choice. There is an efficient librarian who supervises the library. He is also a nice man. He helps the students in every possible way. Each student is issued a library card. They can borrow at best three books at a time and keep them at home for seven days. The library remains open from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. 

A calm and quiet atmosphere prevails in the library. However, the most important aspect of our library is its rare collection in the field of literature. It is a key attraction for all the students. Every year the library is enriched with new books on latest subjects and issues. It is indeed a store house of knowledge. It is our duty to go to the library to equip ourselves with knowledge about different things and subjects.

2. A College Magazine / A School Magazine

  • (a) What is a college magazine?
  • (b) How is it published?
  • (c) How does it benefit the students?
  • (d) What are the articles published in a colle.ge magazine?
  • (e) How does it enrich the image of the college?
A college magazine is an annual or periodical publication of a college. It is published in a systematic way. At first, the editor invites writings from the teachers and the students for the magazine. After proper editing, the best writings are selected and sent to the press for publication and printing. A college magazine has great benefit. 

Through it, the students and teachers can have the opportunity to show their creative power. It plays an important role in college life. A student can express his hidden thought and feeling to other students. The students can exercise literature through it. Different types of articles are published in college magazine. 

They are poems, short stories, jokes, riddle and other writings relating to college affairs. Actually, it enriches the image of the college. People can know about the college background, tradition and its successfulness. Thus a college magazine helps to create a positive image of the concerned college among the people. In a word, a college magazine is the mirror of a college.

Short Composition: A School Magazine Or, Our School Magazine

  • (a) What is a school magazine?
  • (b) How is it published?
  • (c) What does it contain?
  • (d) How does it help the young learner?
  • (e) why is it important?
A school magazine contains the literary works and other information of a school. It is published once a year. We have school magazine in our school. To publish it smoothly, a magazine committee of usually nine members is formed in a general meeting. The members of the committee are chief patron, adviser, editor, assistant editors, business editors. 

proofreaders, assistant proofreaders, etc. The Head teacher holds the post of chief patron and a senior teacher becomes the adviser. The editor, business editors and the assistant proofreaders are selected from among the students. A magazine fund is also made up from the school 'Magazine Fee'. The editor invites writings both in Bangla and English. 

Then, after proper scrutiny, the best ones are selected for publishing. The business editors collect some money by selling spaces in the magazine for advertisements. Generally, the magazine has two sections - Bangla and English. There are messages from the Head teacher and the secretary of the school. There are also annual reports: essays, short stories, short plays etc. in it. 

It also contains jokes, quizes and puzzles. Most of the articles are written by the students. A few articles are written by the teachers. A school magazine promoting team-spirit inspires to express the dormant power of thinking as well as writing of the young learners. It helps flourish themselves as future writers and poets.

3. Traffic Jam

  • (a) What is traffic jam?
  • (b) Hew does it cause a great harm to us?
  • (c) Why is it occurred?
  • (d) What are the root causes of traffic jam?
  • (e) How can we solve this problem?
Traffic jam is a long queue of vehicles on a road. It is a great problem and nuisance for the modem society. It causes unspeakable sufferings to urban people. Many vehicles moving on the same road at the same time cause traffic jam. Besides, our traffic polices are not sincere. They often do not do their duties sincerely. 

The drivers are indifferent to traffic rules. They try to get more passengers stopping their buses here and there. Besides, people don't follow traffic rules. All these things together cause traffic jams. Moreover, too many rickshaws plying on the street is another cause of traffic jam. At the time of traffic jam we feel extremely bored as it kills our valuable time. 

This trouble should not be allowed to continue, Strict laws should be imposed to control traffic jam. Exemplary punishment should be given to the drivers who do not obey traffic rules. Above all, the traffic authority should be more active to enforce traffic rules and maintain the discipline on the roads.

Short Composition: Traffic Jam

  • (a) What is traffic jam?
  • (b) What are the causes of traffic jam?
  • (c) Where does it usually happen?
  • (d) What problems do the people face for it?
  • (e) How can these problems be solved?
When too many vehicles try to move along a Narrow Street or road at a time, they create traffic jam. It is a great problem in big cities and towns in our country. There are many causes of it. One of the causes of traffic jam is that our 1 existing roads and streets are slender and narrow. In big cities, lots of rickshaws that ply on the roads and streets are another cause of it. 

As most of the rickshaw pullers are illiterate and ignorant of traffic rules, they often break the traffic rules and create traffic jam. Again most of the drivers of the cars and buses in our country are often callous to (traffic rule. They drive their vehicles at their sweet will, which is another cause of traffic jam. 

Wrong parking of (vehicles and unnecessary overtaking of vehicles are also responsible for traffic jam. Owing to traffic jam, sometimes people are to wait on the roads for several hours. It kills their valuable time and hampers their work. It causes great sufferings to a serious patient being carried in an ambulance. 

We want to get rid of this problem. To overcome the problem, the existing narrow roads and streets should be broadened. One way movement of vehicles should be introduced and flyovers have to be constructed in certain areas where traffic jam occurs frequently. Beside these, the traffic authority needs to be more careful to enforce traffic rules. Above all, everybody should follow the traffic rules in order to avoid traffic jam.

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